Well what is whiskey?

Whiskey: A spirit which is fermented from the grain mash of rye, barley, corn, wheat, and other malted grain, in charred oak barrels

What’s the difference between Rye, Bourbon, Malt Whiskey or Corn Whiskey?

The answer lies within each Liquor’s Grain Bill (mash Recipe) , since each liquor has it’s own recipe:

  • Rye Whiskey: Has a Mash of at least 51% Rye
  • Bourbon: Has a Mash of at least 51% Corn
  • Malt Whiskey: Has a Mash of at least 51% Malted grain usually
  • Corn Whiskey: Has a Mash of at least 80% Corn

So what’s the difference between each kind?

  • Rye Whiskey: Has a spicier sometimes fruitier flavour.
  • Bourbon: Has a fuller more savory flavour.
  • Malt Whiskey: Neutral and powerful flavour

Are there other designations for differing between Whiskeys?

The other important factor for whiskeys are their respective origins:

  • Scotch Whisky: besides being spelled without the “e” originates from Scotland.
  • Canadian/Irish Whiskey: originate from Canada and Ireland respectively
  • Bourbon: the product of American ingenuity

What does the proof and the bottle mean?

Simply put, by cutting liquor’s proof in half you get the percent of liquor in the bottle.

Where do we get proof from?

Suspicious buyers used to mix gunpowder with whiskey and lit it; if nothing happened it was watered down if it exploded it was “proof” that it was 100% whiskey.

Is there a proof limit to Bourbon?

It can be no more than 180 proof

Should I drink whiskey straight or on the rocks, does it really make a difference?

Its your drink, drink it how you like it. Most distillers consider that a whiskey’s flavor is enhanced by having small addition of water: either with one cube on the rocks or adding a drop of water straight up.

So tell me more about the Bourbon

  • It’s a whiskey that is distilled from 51% corn mash.
  • It can only be called Bourbon if it originates in the United States of America.
  • By law Bourbon must be aged NEW charred oak barrels.
  • Unlike other whiskeys, the only thing that can be added to bourbon during its production, is water.

Does the aging process vary between the style of whiskeys?

  • Whiskeys: are all aged in some form of oak cask: for most international whiskeys a minimum of 3 years, american whiskeys can be less than this as long as the ages is listed
  • Bourbons: A brand-new white oak cask is charred on the interior with a blowtorch before the liquor is poured in to be aged.
  • Scotches: Is aged initially in a second-hand cask, usually a bourbon cask. Then it is transferred to another cask to give it its finish.

Why are whiskey’s aged for so long?

The short answer is the climate. Unlike Tequila and Rum which come from the Caribbean and Mexico, whiskey’s originate in countries of colder climates; Canada, Scotland, and the United States.

Is there an age range I should order?

There is no hard and fast number for a good age and many whiskeys are blends of different ages. Although we always trying a whiskey that old enough to order its own whiskey.

What’s the difference between Single Cask, Single Malt, or Blended Whiskeys?

  • Single Malt: The bottle came from a single distillery + a single malted grain. It consists of whiskeys from differing barrels and ages, put together in a specific combination to keep the flavor consistent over time
  • Single Cask/Barrel: This style of whiskey comes from only one individual cask, meaning the taste of these whiskies changes distinctly from cask to cask.
  • Blended Whiskey: the most common variety is made of a mixture of different types of grain whisky usually from a multitude of distilleries.

Where does whiskey come from?

The first confirmed existence of whiskey is in Ireland in 1405.

What does the word “Whiskey” mean?

Whiskey comes from the Gaelic term Uisege Beatha which means the “water of life”.

Can whiskey save my life?

We are glad you asked, single malt whisky has been found to contain significant amounts of ellagic acid – an antioxidant known to help prevent cancer.

Why do the Scottish spell whisky without an “e”?

The Scott’s spell it without the “e” because they believe more vowels waste time which could be spent drinking.

Why do distiller’s say angel’s love whiskey?

Going back hundreds of years distiller’s found the about 4% of whisky was “stolen” of every barrel by angels so they could check to see if it was okay, an amount we now know is due to evaporation.

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